Bwlchgwyn Cattery

Boarding Cattery in Wrexham

Clean and comfortable

At Bwlchgwyn Cattery, we know what it’s like leaving your pets. We care for cats across North Wales, Cheshire and Shropshire ensuring they’re well looked after while you’re away. Please feel free to come and inspect us or get in touch for more information. Winner of the SME Cattery Award 2023 and Luxlife Products and Services Award 2024. For details, go to the bottom of this page.



Welcome to Bwlchgwyn Cattery

We are a family-run cattery established in 2004. Situated in the village of Bwlchgwyn, just off the A 525 and 5 miles northwest of Wrexham, our cattery is within easy reach of the North Wales coast, Cheshire and Shropshire via the A 55/A 550 and A 483. Recently, cats have arrived from Dubai, Aberystwyth, Bala, London, Oldham and Tattenhall to name just a few places.

Licensed by Wrexham County Council for up to 33 cats, the cattery has runs with viewing platforms, garden chairs and scratch posts. Classed as semi-outdoor, the units have a heated indoor sleeping accommodation with a run viewing outside which can be aired according to the weather.

All of our units conform to the current guidance with a 6’x4’ run as a minimum. We have several 6’x5’ units and one 6’x6’ unit which can be joined to a 6’x4’ unit.

Cats must be fully vaccinated for cat flu and feline enteritis, with up-to-date boosters. Public liability, and cat veterinary insurance for up to £1500 per cat is provided by Brookes Braithwaite under Petplan and other insurers. Pre-existing health issues may not be insured and in these circumstances payment will be due on collection.




We’ll take good care of your cat

Everything your cat needs

We can provide everything your cat needs for a stay with us, including love and attention, but it’s often better to bring an unwashed item from home so they have a familiar scent. You may wish to bring toys, their own bed and other items.

A range of foods

We keep a wide range of foods, both wet and dry. Prescription, cooked foods and more expensive foods may have to be provided by the owner.

Comfortable bedding

We use Vetbed bedding, but have alternative beds, including igloos. We like owners to take their cats to the accommodation where they will stay, in order to settle them. Some old unwashed item (clothing or bedding) will give a familiar scent of home.

Visit us today!

We always welcome people who want to come and visit the cattery. Even if we’re full, please come and visit us to see how we’re run and look at our facilities. You do not need an appointment, but it helps to give a call just before arrival in order to give you our full attention.

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 8:30 – 18:00
Address: Bwlchgwyn Cattery, 44 Cefn Rd, Bwlchgwyn, Wrexham, LL11 5YE
Phone: 01978 755 584


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